Desert Safari and Hiking

Desert Safari and HikingStylish Holidays Adventure Department is a leading desert safari agent in Egypt. With a wide range of trips and desert-related services, we offer desert comfort, up-to-date camping gear, navigational equipment, quality food, and safety. With a long-standing history and highly experienced staff, we offer a unique adventure all over Egyptian deserts and Oases. And we are very keen on preserving the natural and historical heritage of Egypt. We are strong advocators of Ecotourism and support sustainable development in local rural communities.

Felucca Sailing Trips

Felucca Nile TripBeing a wind powered craft with no motor, felucca's are dependent upon the wind to propel them forth. The itinerary is not rigidly defined, for this reason. However, during our journey, we make plenty of stops to visit points of interest, areas for swimming and for the purpose of performing our ablutions. The felucca sails during the day, taking in the colorful sights of the Nile village life en-route with various stops, planned or impromptu. The peaceful routine of life aboard allows us to escape the stress of everyday life, and nothing beats the experience of sleeping under a blanket of stars!

Dahabeya and Sandals

Ankh I Sandal Sailing on the NileA sailing trip onboard a Dahabeya or Sandal is probably the most beautiful way to cruise the Nile in Egypt. As soon as the sailing vessel is freed from its moorings, the boat glides placidly down the river. The ship’s passengers enjoy a delicious drink while admiring the beauty of the sun-drenched banks, the rivers cape, and the white sails of other boats sparkling in the sun while the Nile is lapping gently against the Dahabeya’s bow. Watch the Egyptian landscape drift by at a leisurely pace while lounging in the shade of the canvas-topped Dahabeya’s sun deck.

Multi Activity

Multi Activities PackagesIf you are an adventure lover, and undecided about what you would like to do on your next trip, we have a great selection of multi-activity trips and programs combining many adventure activities in one program and some of them including major historical and cultural sites, to not miss important visit during your trip. And most of our packages and programs are able to be customized with our special touch of mixing and planning to fit your desires and dreams

Diving Safari

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